Brush and Barrel set

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  • Brush and Barrel set
  • Brush and Barrel set

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PURE LUXE - everything you need!


Come with White barrel for travel and to pimp your makeup space - perfect for bobbie pins, mascaras and eyeliners 

1. Powder brush - set your makeup using this big soft luscious brush

2. Contour and blush brush - perfectly molded to blend your contour and blush

3. Foundation or highlight brush - a soft brush designed for liquid foundation. Stipple and set your foundation with the rounded top or use dry for a highlight on the cheekbones,tip of the nose and cupids bow.

4. Eyeshadow buffer brush - use your fav eyeshadow to create a soft smokey eye- buff around your crease and lid

5. Concealer or under eye buffer brush - use the fine tip end with a darker eyeshadow and blend out to the corner of the outer eyes and lid for a smokey liner, or use wet as a concealer brush

6. Crease eyeshadow blender brush - for a cut crease look or a buffed out eyeshadow look

7. Eyebrow and eyeliner brush - the perfect brush for perfect brows using an eyebrow powder, or an eyeliner

8. Eyebrow and eyelash spoolie - to tame those unruly slept on eyebrows and to seperate clumpy mascara

9. Lip brush - for a perfect edge on your lipline

10. Barrel - for safe travel, or pimp out your makeup space! empty side perfect for mascara and eyeliner storage





Made from Synthetic hair



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