Luxe Tubular Mascara

Sick of mascara that smudges, flakes or clumps your lashes?

Say hello to the Luxe Tubular Mascara & goodbye to panda eyes for good! It won’t bleed, cause a mess or break your heart. Promise.  

“I absolutely LOVE the mascara. I was fed up with spending money on mascaras that flaked off under my eye and were just flat out useless. I’m never buying anything else ever again. This mascara only comes off when I want it to, and I’m so happy that it’s from a NZ brand. Thinking of trying it? DO IT. DO IT NOW. I ummed and ahhed for a couple of months - and it’s a couple of months I wasted not using such an awesome product!”

Victoria Pickett

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Tubular Mascara Tubular Mascara

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