Refillable Custom Palettes - choose one of ours or build your own!

Did you know you can build your own custom palette? 

If you tend to buy palettes and only use a couple of shades, the ‘build your own’ option is perfect for you. You can now create a 100% custom palette, filled with your fav hues. You can even mix & match eyeshadows with highlighter or blush!

Here's how the ‘build your own’ option works:

  • Step 1: Choose your size (3, 8 or 18 colours) by adding an Empty Palette to your shopping cart
  • Step 2: Choose your colours - mix and match from our range of Eyeshadow Refills, or Blush/Highlight/Contour Refills
  • Step 3: Place your order. Simples, huh?

You can also choose a palette from our selection of colour combinations below. As professional makeup artists, we know a thing or two about complementary colours - so you can be sure these combos will work for you ;)